Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothng on the gaming front...

Since I got back from my Tennessee vacation I have not gamed much at all. You see on my 3rd day or so of being in Tenn I got sick. Very sick. I had a fever going, cough, PAINFUL cough, chills, Hacking up ugly things...things with blood in them, runny nose, etc. You name it I had it. I mean F*ck I lost my appetite. If that don't say it all nothing will.

Hence why I have not gamed much. I literally got of the plane, and went straight to the Doctor. Been about a week since I got back, and just now I'm feeling better. Getting ready to go to work. Not looking forward to that. Looking forward to getting some gaming done. I have logged on to WoW, but just to like check my sales, help out Edson. Thats its. Well....

...Game over


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