Monday, February 2, 2009

I suck*

So here I sit writing a seriously long over due blog post (Tee hee I misspelled blog into "Bog" I felt I had to mention it...of course I corrected it ^_^). The funny thing is I really like writing these. Sure my grammar, and writing skills are not that great. Even so I enjoy this. Not because their are one hundred million six hundred fifty two thousand eight hundred fifty two followers, tho that would be nice. Just cause I know that a handful of my close knit buddy's check out my insane as they may seen at times due to my lack of writing skills. lol.

My last blog about playing D&D is extremly out dated as Tuza already finished the campaign. Sigh. I suck* so much. Funny thing is that this sh*t only takes me like 10 or so mintes to "write". The longest one was my Spore review, a game which I have changed my feeling about...for the worse, my Spore review must have taken me 2 hours, or so. Finding all the Gifs, Photos, Linkning them, Etc took me a long ass time. Though I liked my end result. Anyways I'm going to go now, and play more World of Warcraft. I'm so back on that boat. Got my Tauren Hunter to Lv62, and left Azaroth for Outland. Sweet.

Game Over



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