Thursday, January 20, 2011

Have to stop bullsh!ting!

I'm going to try to blog here on a regular basis. I'm sick of ignoring my blog for reasons of laziness. I WILL post later today.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From the Ashes.

Well, well, well Tuza (Nick Fox), and I (Sodoom) have decided to revive our old podcast. It's been about a year...maybe more I'm not sure...since we recorded. I'm ecstatic about the prospect of starting the cast anew. Personally back when we recorded 99lives on a regular basis it was one of the most fun thing I did, but Nick felt a bit overwhelmed, and could not continue recording. I understood completely though I can not lie, and say I was happy that it died. Again I understood, with school work, family it was hard for our designated Editor aka Nick to do the cast. That is why this time around I will do some of the editing, I have no clue how to edit anything, but I will learn.

So enough of the old and in with the new.

We only got one episode recorded. Its a bit rough around the edges, but I think that "99lives" flavour is still full force. I do promise one thing: I will do everything in my power to keep the cast afloat. I am sure I speak for Nick also. We have been friends since he was a kid...literally, and since I was an Ignorant adult. Hopefully Nick will still do the cast once he is
Dr. Nick Fox PHD...I hope. lol.

Well the first ep is not full of the most I felt a but off my game. Not sure how Nick felt. I hope to get someone else to either be a regular guest or even better a co-host she...oops did I give it away? lol She is a great person, awesome gamer (she ALMOST has the same gamer score as moi) and just what I think would be an awesome addition to the cast. Lets hope. SQUEEE! Well that's it for now...

...gamer over...oh wait we need a new exit line...insert coin? too be continued? too normal and not gamey...You are dead? too graphic!...fuck me! Just did a little searching. I got two possibility "Would you kindly" or "All your base..." So yeah!


Friday, June 12, 2009


Gamefly sent me Red Faction: Guerrilla about a week ago. I was a big fan of the old Red Faction. The whole blowing up everything was fun. Really fun. The series kinda feel into a giant chasm in my eyes though. I just kinda forget about the whole thing. Volition, and THQ announced that a new Red Faction was coming out this year I was kinda "Meh" about the game. Since there was no other "good" games coming out I put it on my Gamefly cue.

Then it came.

For the record I am a huge open world game (OWG) fan ever since Grand Theft Auto, but the real love for this genre happened at the third interaction of Grand Theft Auto. That game came out for the PS2, and since then OWGs have been tied for my favorite genre along with First Persons Shooters.

Well then...shall I begin?

(Minor Spoilers Ahead)

Red Faction starts when your character Alec Mason goes to Mar (which has been terraformed to allow humans to breath). Your brother convinced you to move to Mars to make a better living for yourself. Pretty much as soon a you land your brother is gun down by governing body of mars, known as The EDF (Earth Defence the old SNES Shmup) a tyrannical like enforcement agency. After watching your bro being killed right in front of you, Mason joins the Red Faction who are against how the EDF runs the planet. So you start the game....

...the fun begins.

Well the game starts. The game plays like almost any usual OWG, Third person action, large area to explore, vehicles to commandeer, shoot at enemy's. You know...the fun stuff. The game controls pretty good. The movement controls are a little "loose" at first, but you adjust very quick. You get to drive a lot of vehicles, some cool, some not so cool. The best ones are the giant "mech like" construction vehicles. The mech like vehicles are good due to the best aspect of the game. Enviromental desruction. Yes. EVERY F***ING THING CAN BE DESTROYED...Well ALMOST everything. I would say about 98% of the stuctures are susestible to missles. One thing that you can't destroy though, are natural stuctures. While its a bit disapointing seeing how in the older games you could plow right though mountains, but you get over it real fast. Walking with a mech right through a large building with little to no resistance is "oh, so satisfaying". You spend a lot of the game charging into buildings occupied by EDF, and playing demolition man. It helps that the graphics in the game are pretty sweet. Things don't just fall to pieces in large chunks. You see very small to large peices debris falling with realistic physics. Its a very well dont game.

The story is very typical. So I'll leave that for you to figue out. Well Thats all for now. Next is a review of my trip, and move to Tennessee from NYC. Wonder if its going to be a good review? ;)

Game over,


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally getting to watch Mythbusters!

My fraking Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has been acting up as of late, and seeing as I don't watch live TV I have been missing a lot of my favorite shows. My favorite "lazy Saturday" show is Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. In case you never seen it, its a show about busting urban myths, and legends. Its a great show. Check it out if, and when you get a chance. Well that's all about that...


Back to the gaming front. The last game I played, or I should I AM playing is the new sequel to Bionic Commando aptly titled "Bionic Commando". This is an all 3D sequel to the old 2D side scroll er. Well I can't say to much, except for the game so far is very average, which I find very disheartening seeing ass I loved the classic one. Well its late, and I'm tired.

Game over,


Microsoft, The bringing dads, and daughters together company...

Pre-script: This is mostly about my lil girl, and 1 vs 100BETA, but I must also mention how much her, and I are excited about the social aspects coming to Live. The Twitter, Last.Fm, and Facebook additions to live are really exciting to us. Now my E3 interests are all about Alan Wake, but this blog is about my lil girl so screw that for now >_> lol

I sit here in my room with my 12 year old daughter playing the E3, 1 vs 100 BETA, we are both in awe. She is not into games as she used to: This photo was taken 3-4 years ago, shows last time she was really into a game, YES that long (She is playing GH PART1 lol, what ever year that came out)...................

...She was like 8-9 years of age in the pic, now she is at the tender age of 12. The age were looking pretty, and sneakers matter most to her. Now imagine me, an extremely hardcore gamer dad (gamercard link) whose little girl semi-lost interest in games? It broke my heart. Now back to today Monday June 1st. Xbox live. 1 vs 100BETA. When my daughter found out about the 1 vs 100 BETA, and how it worked she was so excited. I mean EXCITED! She was counting the minutes to 10:30pm EST, and was heart broken when 10:27 came I tried to log on to the BETA, and I could not. I tried like 3-4 time, and kept getting the "WE FULL, FOOL!" message. So I told her "Al*** time to go to bed baby, I'm sorry" She said "its ok dad :/" and went to bed. I tried 2 more times, and on my last try BOOM BETA was there. I yelled at Al*** to come to the room! She got here in literally 5 seconds to play herself, and watch me play. And BOY DID WE EVER play! Yelling at The Mob, Yelling at The One, yelling when we got the answer right by pure luck,etc,etc. People wonder why I think that MS is the best console out there right now. This. Is. Why. Now if she got into GoW or something I will be even more happy. That's is all for now

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yo wassup!

I know its been a while since I wrote here, yet again. Its funny tho...I know I have the fraking time to write this thing. It's just me, and my famous procrastination. "Oh I'll write a blog tomorrow, tomorrow becomes next week, next week becomes next month". Que Serra, SERRA.

I think I'm give this the old col ledge try this time around. Change things up a bit. Make things more personal. Less Tuza lol. Yeah, Ye Olde Tuza is doing very well for himself, Just graduated from col ledge, and soon will be going to grad school. I'm very proud of him. But he doing his own thing blog wise, and life wise. He a busy, busy man.

Next time I'll try to get a little gaming blogger info in, till then...

Game Over,


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lv70 or bust!

So yeah, I have been playing World of Warcraft ALOT as of late. Took my toon "Okute" from a measly lv33ish to almost 70. I'm 1/3 of the way there. While this may not mean much to alot of hardcore WoW players, it means alot to me. Today March the 4th of 2008 I should officially be done with Outland, and be ready for Northrend (for those that don't know Outland refers to the land from the first WoW expansion, and Northrend refers to the lands from the second).

Tho, I wont be leaving to Northrend right away mostly due to the fact that I don't own said expansion, and also I want to explore the last 2-3 zone in Outland. Well thats all for now!

Game over,