Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally getting to watch Mythbusters!

My fraking Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has been acting up as of late, and seeing as I don't watch live TV I have been missing a lot of my favorite shows. My favorite "lazy Saturday" show is Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. In case you never seen it, its a show about busting urban myths, and legends. Its a great show. Check it out if, and when you get a chance. Well that's all about that...


Back to the gaming front. The last game I played, or I should I AM playing is the new sequel to Bionic Commando aptly titled "Bionic Commando". This is an all 3D sequel to the old 2D side scroll er. Well I can't say to much, except for the game so far is very average, which I find very disheartening seeing ass I loved the classic one. Well its late, and I'm tired.

Game over,


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