Friday, December 12, 2008

Rabao, D&D, et al.

Hi all,
Finals are fast approaching here in college. You know what that means? WINTER BREAK IS SOON! With winter break comes a month of free time, and that is a good thing.

I've been missing some FFXI recently, especially Rabao. Rabao was a desert town in Altepa Desert. It was also the town that started the quest for the avatar of wind. Fishing here for moat carp was a great source of income. I spent countless hours sitting at the oaisis in Rabao fishing for moat carp to sell on the auction house. Ah, memories.

Sodoom and I are starting a D&D campaign for the winter break with a few buddies. I am DM'ing. It should be interesting....more on this as it progresses...

Wrath of the Lich King rules so far. My death knight is 75 at the moment, soon to hit 80 once winter break starts. Then, it comes to money making...I need 20 thousand gold for the 3 person mammoth mount with vendors. I also need to farm for the Time-Lost Protodrake. Lots of work ahead this winter break.

I told Sodoom that there would be pictures, but right now, I am too lazy to look through my folders. So, just imangine a desert town...that is Rabao. FUN!

I'll post again soon, I promise,

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soundwave810 said...

So how'd the D&D session go?