Thursday, October 2, 2008

FTP and You!

So over the jewish holiday, I dusted off my older laptop (iBook G4) and decided to hook it up to my existing PC and my sometimes there laptop. The MacBook is the laptop I bring around with me so it is with the rig when I am at home, and alone at school with me when I am not home. Here is an updated picture of my rig:
That laptop on the right is the one I recently added.

So I decided that I wanted to network all three together, that way I didn't have to get under my desk and move my external HD's wires to each computer in order to share files and folders. I first found a program called Windows FolderShare. It is a free-to-use program that allows you to create libraries that can then be accessed by other computers.

It is okay I guess, but it takes an hour to download an hour long episode of Heroes. That is not acceptable. Also, you cannot deposit files on another computer, just access files already on said computer's HD. That is also kind of meh.

So I found a nifty website that will allow me to turn my other Mac laptop into a FTP server. WOOT! So i'll be doing that soon, and hooking up my 250gig harddrive to that, so I have a nice big FTP server at my command. Sounds like a few weekends of fun! And i'm not being sarcastic, I enjoy networking and things of the like. I should be studying for the GRES (my first one, the bio subject test is Oct 18th, lol) but instead I'd rather network. =)

Here is the website I was talking about, incase anyone else has a spare Mac they want to turn into a FTP server: Click Here

Enjoy the Mogulus video, the feature game is Fallout 3 as you can tell. It hits stores on Oct 28th. After that, we will feature another game that will come out soon...see the pattern?


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