Sunday, October 5, 2008

War World for Xbox Live Arcade...WTF MAN!!

So I downloaded this demo for this XBLA. It has mechs in it. I like mechs! So this should be a match made in heaven. Here is a link to a video.


WRONG! You stupid idiot! OF COURSE YOUR WRONG!

I mean sure the game looks really cool. I think its powered by the Unreal Engine. It. Looks. Sweet.
It even plays sweet. The controls are pretty decent. The different mechs all looks pretty sweet. I mean they are all obviously ripped of from Battletech. Obviously. I don't mind tho. I like Battletech mech designs. You can pick from light fast mechs to large/ginormungundus slow mechs. They all cool, even tho I tend to prefer the slow lumbering type that blow everything up with a whisper.

Now to why I WONT buy this cool mech combat game? Whoever makes this game is a cheap ****! Also a dumb ****!They are Dumb, Cheap ****s! They could have made me WANT to buy their game. They could have. They could have let me play the demo just enough to make me say "FRAK it I'm buying it now". Instead what do they do?

I'll tell you.

Right now.

They let me play the games demo for a grand total of 45 seconds. 45 SECONDS. Whats wrong with these people? Not only do they NOT let me try out the other gameplay modes. I could only try deathmatch, with the lightest light mech they had. So yeah. That 45 second demo thing alone prevented me from buying War World. It pissed me off. I could barely figure out the controls before the I got the "purchase now if you wish to continue" which I reponded to "Suck my ball you dick ass". I was like "WTF? demo over? I didnt even play yet!"

So in closing,

This game can blow me sideways.

Game Over,


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