Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Final Fantasy IV (DS) - Impressions

Hey there. So I haven't finished FFIV yet for the DS, but I feel the game is worth a post.

So far, the game has been great. Granted, I have never played the FFII version of this game on the SNES, so all my impressions of this game come strictly from the presentation given in this revamp.

I think it is awesome. It really is the only DS game that has ever had me gasp at a plot twist. More than once, actually. The story feels fluid and really keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. Some other reviews comment on how the voice acting brings the game down from greatness, but I really enjoy the voice acting. It isn't spectacular, but it isn't any worse than Final Fantasy X's voice work and that game was amazing. The cut scenes with voice acting are few enough that they can really be looked over for their non-awe-inspiring voice work, but they are awesome when it comes to the story telling aspects.

The combat system is pretty standard as far as Final Fantasy games go. This was the game that introduced the active battle system, and it keeps up throughout the game. The only problem I have with this battle system, as I do with all FF's that use this battle system, is the menu sizes. When I'm reeling from some mega boss attack and looking for my curaga on all my healing characters, either put them all in the same place or make the menu's bigger so I don't have to scroll through them as the boss ramps up some sucky physical attack to kill my healers. In this regards, I really liked the battle system in Final Fantasy X, where battle was completely turn based, and you could get up and walk away from the PS2 on your turn if you really had to. I wish that was in more of the titles....sigh.

Another thing that could have been improved was the music. Specifically, I want different kinds. There is one song for dungeons, and since you are in them quite frequently, the song gets old, fast. There are 2 songs for boss battles, and depending on which one you get, you can tell if you're fucked or if you're REALLY fucked. Hard boss fights have the same music, medium boss fights have the same music, but not as scary as the hard fights. A little more diversity would have been great here.

Overall, I would say this game is worth every cent I payed for it. I bought it to keep me busy on a plane trip back to school, and now I am hooked. Right now, I am working on getting the earth crystal back from the asshole dark elf who stole it. And when I get it, I guess I'm going to deal with that asshole Dragoon Kain.

Final Fantasy IV (DS): go pick it up.


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