Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuza's Rig

So I've been playing with my Blackberry Curve, as you can see in the last post...so I decided to make a rig post. This is my rig...the hardware sucks, but it looks pretty, and does what it has to do. I want to build a new one...but I never have before, and i'll probably wait until I am out of undergraduate college.

From left to right:
MacBook 13 inch (for blogging, tweeting, skyping, and teamspeaking)
pen holder (to hold pens and pencils)
water bottle (to regen mana)
linksys wireless router (to supply my house with internet)
Logitech G15 gaming keyboard (to imput alphanumeric data...orange backlight for comfort!)
LG 22" LCD monitor (to see things)
Logitech webcam (for video podcasts...ever?)
Logitech wireless mouse (the one with the free spinning click wheel...its nuts)
MyHome 250g external HD (for pr0nz)
Sims 2 (for bored times)
Blackberry holster (to conceal my awesome phone)
9/11 commission report (to dig up the dirt on the government while waiting for a raid)


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