Thursday, September 11, 2008

PVE to PVP paid character transfers now available in World of Warcraft

So this came out of nowhere: Paid character transfers are now available for characters on PVE servers wanting to transfer to PVP servers. Originally, when paid character transfers first came out, you could transfer from PVE to PVE, PVP to PVP, and PVP to PVE, but never PVE to PVP. This was because people felt they could level a character on a PVE sever and avoid getting ganked, then transfer over at lvl 70 to a PVP server and gank lower characters. Well, I guess blizzard gave up, and will let people do that anyway.

I'm happy. I'll probably be transferring a character over to a PVP server to gank up some low level alliance when I am in a bad mood. I still do not have my account up and working, because I am poor as heck. Soon, though, I will be back in WoW.

In related news, Warhammer Online: Age of Reconing is coming out on the 18th of September. I feel that I will pick it up sooner or later, probably before christmas, in order to get my idea on it. I'll play the free first month and go from there. Since I do not have my PC at school this semester, I am not in any big rush.

Thats all, have fun ganking noobs all you freshly dinged PVE 70's!

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