Monday, September 8, 2008

My Castle Crashers Review:

Back to the grind...

This is a gaming blog. Trust me.

Well this is the end of my summer. While I don't have my summers off like my passengers do, I still for some reason at the beginning of the new school year I get this "Bah! another year another route...sigh". It kinda semi depresses me. Snort. So yeah, there you go.

Here I am watching Forest Gump. This goddamn movies takes me back to 1994 when I was deeply, and trully in love with this little tiny Jewish girl named Alissa L******. During the time this movie was out we were like at a real bad just brings me back.

So yeah.

I bought Castle Crashers for the Xbox Live Arcade this week. I must say it is the very best side scrolling beat 'em up ever. Including the old ones that I love like TMNT, Simpsons, Captain Commando, etc. So back to CC. The game has an incredible artistic style. On a HDTV the game POPS, and I mean POPS!!! (yes I know one or none, BUT IT POPS!!!!). It looks like a cartoon brought to life.

There are several characters to chose from. There are the basic four Knights to chose. Orange Knight=fire, Green Knight=poison (I think?), Red Knight=lightning WFT? right, And Blue Knight=ice. Then you unlock additional dudes. The one I used was the White Knight whose "magic" was arrow barrage >_>. There are more , but I dont want to make a HUGE list now.

The gameplay is basic yet just deep enough to keep it from being a total mash fest. The controls are as such X=quick attack, Y=hard attack, B=arrows, A=jump. The Right trigger mods yours attack so Y does magic, and once you level your magic enough B will shoot magic ranged attack eg. the Orange Knight will shoot fireballs, and A will do a "super" jump. As you kill bad guys you level your dude up. You can make you Knight into a huge badass. I did. Now I pwn like no ones business.

There are ALOT of stages. At least more than 25. I would say its at least 5-8 hours long (for a single play through with no searching for items). For a Beat Em up that pretty friking long. I would say its worth every single penny of the MSRP of 15 bucks.

Well I give it a solid "BUY IT". Thats all for now.


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