Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Windows XP=Rapist of souls.

So here I am.

Year 1.5 of my bad ass Alienware PC. Its teh shit. Now as for the OS in it...>_I know that a "fresh" install of windows works wonders for said PC, but is just me or does that make about as much sense as an umbrella made of paper?* My PC, and Tuza can verify this, is a monster. This ****er runs Crysis easy peasy. Yet all the TONS of "totally legal" downloads left their mark. Little by little they kept leaving small hidden files that Windows could not delete, or maybe would not delete those fraking files.

So now my PC was acting the foo'! Taking forever to run aps. Taking even longer to boot up. Just taking long time on menial aps. So finally I reinstalled XP, to my HORROR...

...Spore was running at a brisk 20 frames per second @_@. I was like: "Hmmm ran perfect before the reinstall" Hmmm indeed. I tried re-downloading the lastest drivers for my vid card, a Geforce 8800 GTX if you must know, yet the frame rate still blew all kinds of chunks. WTF!. I knew that my PC can handle liltte ol' Spore. I was at a loss. Then on a subsequent reboot I noticed something that was odd. When the PC was powering up it gave me an option to run Windows XP or Windows XP. WTF? I clicked on the second clone choice, and voila my old XP install was STILL here. So my poor PC was doing double duty...blah! How did this happen? Well.

I realized I had simply clicked yes on all the prompts during the install. Usually this is okay. For some reason this recovery disk had as the first option: "create new partition to install XP". That to me is odd. It should ask first to format HDD, and reinstall XP. Alas the onus fall of poor ol (and not to mention stupid) Sodoom for not be attentive. Well now I was not going to be careless this second time. There is was. I had to press "G" to format, and install XP. Cool BEANS.

Sure it took over 4 hours to format, I guess 750 Gigs is alot to clean :P, but not my PC is runnig smoother than ever. I do mean ever. When I installed XP the right way on the first boot up the PC automaticly connected online, and download, and installed over 37 updates to Windows. Took less than 10 minutes. Impressive I must say. Pre-built PC FTW. Try getting recovery software like that with a self built pc. Pffft. LOL!!!

Warning Rant ahead!....

My rant about the nessecity of "fresh" Windows installs is this. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO IT!. I mean **** why cant the computer, barring some horrible virus, run fine for the time I own it? As long as I maintain it well by dusting it, defragging, scaning for spyware, scaning for virus's (what plural for virus? Viri? wtf), scaning for disk errors, Etc. It. Should. Be. FINE! Grrr. Alas you still have to do this every year or so. Okay fine you dont have to, but you should. If you want your OS running smooths as a babys bottom.

...End RANT.


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