Friday, September 12, 2008

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed Preview

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed is coming out on the 16th, which is next week! So what do you need to know in order to be prepared for this new Star Wars title?

First off, this game is introducing 3 new physics technologies to the gaming world. I'm too lazy to actually go look up what they are called, but it pretty much means you can force lift a box, then force lift a stormtrooper, collide them, and they'll move as they would if force lifting were real. Also, that stormtrooper will try and grab onto that box and hold on for dear life, but holding on for dear life is not as strong as force lifts and pulls, so you can rip that stormtrooper off and throw him into a wall or something. The particle physics are also something to be marveled at.

So who is this guy in the video? The story I heard is this: Darth Vader, THE Darth Vader, is chasing after a jedi on some planet. (Yes, this is the first level of the game, and YES WE DO GET TO PLAY AS DARTH VADER!). He corners the jedi, and a little kid comes along. This kid is the main character of the game, and he is actually the son of the jedi. Well, Darth Vader sees potential in the kid, and kills his dad, and takes him has his own personal secret apprentice. That, my friends, is where the main character comes from.

So now you grow up, and your Vader's own personal manservant, but manservanting for Vader is definately a badass thing, so it is okay. You pretty much go from planet to planet, seeking out jedi in hiding, and pwning their asses. Vader tells you to kill anyone in the way, and that includes stormtroopers. I found this odd at first, since, this game takes place between Episodes 3 and 4, which is after the stormtroopers are already on the Empires side. But, since no one knows Vader has a secret apprentice, everyone is a bad guy for you, the player.

From videos I have seen, you have a few ways of going through the game. First off, you can hack and slash through the baddies with your lightsaber, in line with most Star Wars geek fantasies. Or on the flipside of the coin, you can use your force moves in step with solid environment objects like walls, trees, etc, to smash up the bad guys. Who knows, maybe you'll even find a tree you can force lift and throw at a group! Then, for the middle of the road people, you can use both in tandem to mix up the melee action of lightsaber action. Hack, hack, slash then force lift and choke out a stormtrooper for ultimate gradification.

This is a game I am going to pick up. I know Star Wars games are a mixed bag, but from all the videos and hot air about the three new physics engines, I really doubt it will be a big dud. Even if it is, you can always run around and throw stormtroopers, and what is bad about that? Nothing.

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed comes out September 16th, that is this coming Tuesday!


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